Monday, September 14, 2015

No santan (coconut milk) curry mee @ Green Lane

For most people love curry mee because of its santan (coconut milk), this stall (located at the cross road juntion, when turning out of Green Road 4) has its usual crowd (and we meant really big ones) for their curry mee is so unique. Additional famous side dishes are fishballs (of all kinds from normal small and medium shapes to fish cakes), their chilli paste is one that definitely tinkles the taste-bud. For the spicy lover, you may have it in the morning as the breakfast.

You can see the soup is clear without santan.

Must order the different type of FishBall and eat with the chilli paste. 

Besides, they do sell big prawn too. So, you can add on the big prawn with the price start from RM4 each. It depend with the size of the prawn. 

Business Hour: 7AM-1PM
Where is it?
Batu Lanchang area, Penang.

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