Sunday, September 6, 2015

Famous Penang Food Loh Mee @ Carnavon Street

Today i'm going to introduce Chinese traditional food, Loh or Lor Mee. Further definition is noodles cooked in egg-starched gravy, serve perfectly with grind garlic and chilli paste. While there are many other stalls selling Loh Mee in Penang, this one is particularly unique.
Lebuh Carnavon/ Carnavon Street

The stall disclose its sizes of noodles with the corresponding prices

The Loh Mee is selling at a very reasonable price with a quality portion. The taste of the Loh Mee is awesome. 

And so the uniqueness of the stall as mentioned is the availability of the duck eggs to be added into your Loh Mee.The taste of the duck is similar to that of Taiwan Egg.

Complete your mean with a cup of traditionally-brewed black coffee (kopi-o).

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