Thursday, July 7, 2011

McD's Grilled Chicken Burger

I guess this is my first post on fast food. Honestly, i am very health conscious (minus the fact that i love spicy and sour food), i seldom take fast food (which is why i will never consider moving to the Western country and meals in my OZ trip caused me so much grief! ;p) and i don't take junk food. Well, not never, but rarely, in fact you won't find a single packet of chips in my home. I also don't take fried food and always avoid over-oily food plus my favorite drink is H20.
However, i do have friends who make it an effort to visit the fast food restaurants at least once a month. I will never understand such rituals. ;p
Not unless, GCB is made a permanent recipe in McD's menu though! :)

GCB also stands for grilled chicken burger and looks almost like McD's yearly prosperity burger except that there is no black pepper and onions! Lots of lettuce, chargrilled sauce and 1 whole grilled chicken thigh sandwiched in between the buns is what GCB is all about.

the burger!!!
quarter-gone GCB ;p

Its ala carte price is close to RM9 after tax while its set is priced close to RM12 after tax. I never drink carbonated drink (another point to my healthy life), so i opt for ala carte most of the time unless when i am craving for fries!
GCB is only available for a limited period (while stock lasts). So, make your way to the nearest McD now and grab your very own GCB!! ^^

p/s: sorry, pictures in this post were taken using mobile's built-in camera as i did not bring out my beloved DSLR for it was meant to be a shopping trip ;)

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