Thursday, July 1, 2010

all the way from Australia

My long awaited holiday finally came to reality...backpacking to Melbourne-Gold Coast. It was a tiring but marvelous 8 days 7 nights trip. Could have had a longer trip but had limited off days due to my profession. *sigh*...time to change profession?
We first got to Gold Coast and then took a domestic flight to Melbourne. The weather in Gold Coast is almost like that of Penang in the afternoon while the weather in Melbourne is a little colder than Genting Highlands.
Food in Australia are way so expensive than ours! And, not to mention, the taste is not comparable at all to that of Malaysian's! Choices are limited to only 'fish and chips' and burgers unless you visit the bigger restaurants serving Koreans/ Chinese. 
nuggets and chips, extra 30 cents for the ketchup (i did not know until it was shown in the bill)

We were dreading those times when we could find the dry 'fish and chips' or burger or what they are famous for 'wraps'. Those are totally not my kind of food as i always prefer hot dishes.
chicken ham and vegetable wraps

In Gold Coast, we went to both the theme parks; Movie World and Sea World. The was a 'summer pass' promotion, a ticket to any 2 theme parks at only AUD 99.99. Nevertheless, i would not suggest Movie World for those who are not into rides as it focuses more on rides. There are more shows to see Sea World though. If you have more time to spend, you can also rent a car and drive to Brisbane. Also, get an accommodation along the Main Beach as everything is within walking distance there.

Also, if you managed to walk to Chevron Renaissance, there are lots of cafe serving cheap breakfast such as the one we got to named "Flames". A breakfast set plus juice at only AUD6

After so many days of the so-called dry Western food, we finally arrived at Melbourne and found a Chinese cafe, located at the Chinatown just near the place where we stayed.
unfortunately, all the food above looks nice but taste horrible! we ended up in thirst as there were lots of msg perhaps

Also, don't forget to visit the famous "Max Brenner" for their chocolate delicacies. If you are a first timer, you must try the "sukao".

I went to Sydney a few years back and comparing it to Melbourne, i personally love Melbourne much better. The city is preserved with historical building, yet at the same time, there is a contemporary feeling.
city tram (get a ride within the city for free!!) where else can you see this besides Melbourne! ;)

city of Melbourne

And, the greatest finding of our trip, the 12 Apostles. However, when we arrived, there were only 8 left...or maybe 6? Hmmm, still counting~~
my travel mates and i

our best "friend", Tarago

Backpacking has always been my choice of travel as we get to plan everything on our own. Nevertheless, you must choose the right people to travel with, preferably those with similar interests. And i must say, i am lucky to have found a group of tolerable and understanding travel mates. Looking forward to my next trip. Til then, i wish you a happy 7th July (Penang Heritage Day) holiday!! :)

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dknypg83 said...

wow, what a great piece!! especially, the 'tolerable and understanding travel mates' part!! :p although i think 'tolerance' would be a better word since 'tolerable' may suggest that u could just barely 'tolerate' us... or did u wish to mean that?!! :O anyway, just doing my routine drop-by to friends' blogs... signing off... cheers...