Wednesday, July 28, 2010

1 day trip to Taiping

It was a public holiday my friends and i were looking forward. A 1 day trip to Taiping, guided by our so-called tour guide, Eric. Indeed, the plan he had for us went well and we get to see all the famous landmarks of Taiping.
the famous Taiping Lake, over-seeing Maxwell Hill
Of course, we also take the opportunity to savour the famous food, available only in Taiping. 
a food court located at Bangunan Seri Larut, Jalan Iskandar

according to Eric, the height of the ais kacang used to be 3 times more
char koay teow-very spicy!!
"yu yu fan" fishball noodle-Taiping's landmark food
a restaurant at Taman Tasik, just right opposite of Taiping lake
We had "choo char" at the restaurant and for 3 dishes and 4 bowls or rice, it only cost us RM27.20.
fried taufu with minced meat
marmalade chicken
fried long beans
chicken wings-must try! RM2/piece

Knowing the weather in Taiping is always wet, we could not escape seeing the wet Taiping. Eric, even gave us a lesson on weather forecast! It rained for almost 2.5 hours before the weather cleared for us to make our way to the Night Safari. 

Nevertheless, it was a nice trip over all!!

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dknypg83 said...

i must say, the chicken wings look damn tempting!! u make me hungry in the middle of the night!! :(