Thursday, July 8, 2010

Royal Dragon Restaurant @ Bangkok, Thailand

My recent trip to Bangkok with family has given me a chance to visit the world's largest restaurant, the Royal Dragon Restaurant. This restaurant earned its award in the statistics of the Guinness Book of Records in the year 1992. It is about an hour's drive to Bangkok's CBD. Nevertheless, the record has been taken over by Damascus Gate at Syria since 9th June 2008. 
But still, world's largest restaurant!! Can you ever imagine yourself stepping into one??
This restaurant is indeed very unique as all its waiters and waitresses wore traditional Chinese costumes (some like emperors) and waiters serve food in skates. 
As you enter, you can see a big notice of award from the Guinness Book of Records.
workers taking a break

Decorations of the whole restaurant mimics a traditional Chinese palace. This could be because they serve mainly Chinese delicacies. If you hadn't realise that you are in Bangkok, you would probably think that you are in China. 
Table settings were however not as captivating.
The food we had were the ones ordered by the travel agent so i didn't have the chance to select.
sweet and sour pork
fried fish in spicy sauce
roasted duck
fried onions and mixed vegetables
broccoli and carrot
fried ostrich meat (i didn't eat this dish)
crab stick starch soup

Judging the food i had, i would say this restaurant will never win a title for serving the best food restaurant. However, i must say again this trip is definitely worth as i get to see how the world largest's restaurant is. 
Still if you have the chance to visit Royal Dragon Restaurant, becareful of the type of dishes you choose and definitely avoid those i have above.

Where at?
35/222 M.4 Bangna-Trad Rd Bangna
Bangkok Thailand 10260.

Tel no: (662)3980037 to 42

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