Sunday, August 15, 2010

Inaka Japanese Restaurant

A weekend with my old pals and colleagues enable me to try out another Japanese restaurant. As the restaurant's layout comes in a split-level form, it is divided into 2 sections, smoking and non-smoking with non-smoking area located at the lower half and smoking at the upper half.
the outside view of the restaurant
the upper half
The service here is very nice as all the staff are friendly. They even kept us updated with their weekly promotions by sending us menu through emails upon request. The prices here are reasonable for a Japanese restaurant. And lots of varieties to choose from. You definitely need to make a few visits to be able to try all out.
the lower half
And below are our orders:
hot and cold ocha (foc)
chawanmushi (RM3)
sushi/maki (RM4)
gekikara ramen (RM13)
sarayaki ramen (RM13)
wakayama ramen (RM13)
half-shell mussel ramen (RM13)
tonsoku ramen (RM13)
garlic rice (RM7)
unatama don (RM17)
hampen cheese age "taufu fried with cheese" (RM10)
green tea and black sesame ice cream (RM 4.90 and RM5.90 each)

Ocha and plain water in this restaurant is foc. The entire bill only adds on to another 10% service charge. We are very satisfied with the food over all. I would rate it as the best Japanese restaurant with most appealing price. Though, i think they should add mapo taufu into their menu as i love Japanese mapo taufu very much.

Where at?
No. 253G-1-1, Premier Center, Jalan Burmah, 10350 Penang

Tel: 04-2272268

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