Sunday, August 22, 2010

Grand Opening of Dragon-I @ Gurney Plaza

It was the grand opening of Dragon -I restaurant at Gurney Plaza and for this special day, CIMB card holders get to enjoy a 50% discount on the entire bill for dining in at 1pm onwards.
I was lucky as I have a friend holding the card. The queue was so long as some rushed there to catch a glimpse of super star who made their way for the grand opening. I didn't get to experience as i went there after work and it was already over by the time i arrived. By the time we reached, it was already 1.30 pm and we were given number 58!
huge crowd waiting for their seats??
interior decoration
the matching-red menu
titbits appetizer - you can choose not to take this as you need to pay for it (RM2)
ramen with minced meat & mushroom in spicy sauce-RM13
Shanghai steamed meat dumpling-RM9
sauteed spare rib with signature sauce-RM22
honey glazed crispy eel-RM16
braised beancurd with minced meat & chilli sauce in Sichuan style-RM18
souffle egg white ball with red bean paste & banana-RM10
barley beancurd skin soup with gingko & quail egg-RM6

I have always wanted to visit Dragon-I since they opened their first branch at Queensbay Mall as everyone complimented how good their food is. Nevertheless, after having tried it myself, i felt that it was only so-so. Take the eel for example, i will never order it again as it carries a fishy smell even after glazed with honey. 
The noodle and rice was ok though. As well as the desserts. However, there are  way too many in the menu and i need to make a few more trips to try all.
Till then, happy eating, folks!! :)

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