Thursday, September 2, 2010

Invited Review at Tree Monkey

It was a Sunday and i get to dine with the monkeys at Tree Monkey. :) Before i proceed explaining about this place, i would like to thank Mr. Warren for the food review invitation. The place is located right next to the Penang Spice Garden, which is a little pass Hard Rock Hotel, Batu Feringghi. Anyway, there was no monkeys during the entire dining session, instead i spotted a few squirrels. :)
the entrance by the road
the entrance to the deck
seating in the hut
another hut seating
their so-called reception counter
a view of the sea when it is still bright
Tree Monkey adapts a serene and relax concept with all its tables and chairs made of wood imported from Indonesia.
Sitting on the deck allows you an overview of sea. They hire all Thai chefs and thus they serve Thai cuisine. As the bloggers were invited for a food review, we were hence served some of their popular dishes.
Thai tapas which comes with a choice of 8 pieces (RM30), 12 pieces (RM45) and 16 pieces (RM60)
Asian tapas which comes with a choice of 8 pieces (RM60) and 12 pieces (RM90)
tomyam soup (comes with Asian tapas)-not spicy enough
tumeric rice(to be eaten with Asian tapas)-RM14.80
sunset paradise (only available between 6-7pm)-RM10
coconut ice cream
a view of sunset
Workers there are really friendly, not sure if that was because they knew we are bloggers. Honestly, i would say that the food there is a little pricey. You rather convince yourself that you are paying for the ambiance instead. Also, the distance of the place would make you think twice. Besides that, you don't have to worry about parking as there are abundance along the road. They also provide free insect repellents just in case you notice the existence of the little creatures. :)

Extra information:
Choices for Thai tapas:
Thai toast, money bag, herbs chicken, spring roll, pandan chicken, otak otak, mussels salsa, lemongrass stick, prawn sarong, prawn sabai, Thai fish cake, crab

Choices for Asian tapas:
mango salad, satay, beef salad, crispy herbs fish, prawn chili paste, sweet bean curd, kangkung belacan, egg, masaman curry, panaeng curry, tomyam soup, tomkha soup (white tomyam)

Where at?
Lone Crag Villa, Lot 595
Mukim 2, Jalan Teluk Bahang

Tel: 04-8813494


Mee said...

From the look of your pic, the ambient is quite nice but I feel there are still room for improvement.
I will try one day... :)

millymin said...

my muka not there :) hahaha looking at the pictures makes me salivate ! pfft

BearyInformative said...

Mee: yes you should try 1 day

Milly: i actually a pic of you and xherlyn ;p