Friday, September 10, 2010

Clinic Cafe @ Gurney Plaza

I love catching up with friends because it gives me the opportunity to dine at new places like the recently newly opened theme restaurant, Clinic Cafe at Gurney Plaza. Following its name, this cafe is decorated just like a hospital, only with more cheers (red colour). Even the waitresses and waiters are dressed like nurses, doctors and surgeons. They call their kitchen the "surgery room". Interesting, huh?
the entrance on 4th floor
one of the wall decoration
notice the operation-theatre-like lamps on the ceiling

Food-wise, they serve fusion-type from oriental to western to a little Malay such as nasi lemak.
fresh carrot juice-RM6.80
honey lemon-RM5.30
iced white coffee-RM6.80
clinic chicken pasta-RM11.80
black pepper chicken pasta-RM11.80
yong zhou fried rice-RM7.80

The taste of the food are only so-so. I guess people go there more to experience a different ambiance of dining. I am one who will most probably not go back as i have gotten the taste of dining in a well-decorated "hospital". :)


New Kid on the Blog said...

wanted to try this... unfortunately some people is 'pantang'. hahahaaha

BearyInformative said...

yes some people do "pantang" :)

Lingzie said...

tried this the other day with my family cos we were very curious abt the place. my mum did feel a bit weird eating out of those kidney pans!
but i don't think i'll be going back again because the food was just below par.

Duckie said...

i never noticed this place before. where exactly is it?

BearyInformative said...

sorry my bad
it is on the 4th floor, where they previously house "Ko Fu Loft" or previously, "Food Loft"