Friday, July 29, 2011

Mapo tofu aka braised bean curd with chilli

I love to cook. I have been cooking since the day i knew how to cook! *hahaha* I have done western, italian and chinese cuisines. I have to try baking though. 
My all-time favorite, 1 dish to go with 1 bowl of rice is the "mapo tofu". It is an exceptionally a simple yet affordable dish. The cost of ingredients totals to less than rm3, cooks for 2 portions. 
The ingredients you need for mapo tofu is: tofu, chilli bean paste (better known as "dou ban jiang", 豆瓣醬), fermented bean paste, minced onion and chilli paste (depending on how spicy you want it be). Most people add minced meat into this recipe. You can always improvise your own recipe by putting in other stuff as well, just make sure it is something which blends well with tofu. 
Add some spring onion to garnish your dish and make it more colourful. I didn't put them though because i never like the smell of spring onion. ;)

i used to go to Japs/ Taiwan restaurants and order a plate of mapo tofu to eat with a bowl of rice but now i prefer cooking it on my own :)

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