Friday, January 22, 2010

Mizi, New World Park

Today's post is dedicated to my dear friend, Su, who came back from Australia recently. She was craving for Western food and knowing that she's been someone who can't withstand air-condition place, i've decided to take her to Mizi, New World Park.
Mizi serves a variety of western food from sandwich to poultry to fish. They have set at the price of RM21.90/set which comes with a main meal, drink and dessert. Their ala carte starts from as low as RM12.
Here was what we ordered:

 2 pieces of bread, 1 wholemeal and 1 white which comes complimentary with every main meal

fillet of fish "grenobloise" RM13.50 (lightly egg battered, pan fried with lemon and capers butter sauce, with chef's choice of vegetables)

fillet of fish "lady astor" RM13.80 (pan fried, topped with pineapple and glazed with a horseradish cream sauce)

fillet of fish "almondine" RM12 (pan fried topped with roasted almond flakes and butter sauce)

BearyInformative's recommendation: Almondine is definitely too butterish which causes it to taste a little to salty. Grenobloise is not bad but the best meal to recommend for the day is Lady Astor.

Where at?
New World Park, Burmah Road


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