Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fresh boiled milk at Line Clear Nasi Kandar

If you drive along Penang Road, you will see a nasi kandar stall crowded with people. This is the very famous Line Clear nasi kandar. Located beside the famous Line's Clear Nasi Kandar is a stall which sells fresh boiled milk.
 on the menus...

the "extra" guest
the place crowded with customers even during the late hours
gelas kecil milo (small glass- milk with milo)

gelas kecil (normal plain milk)
roti canai from Line Clear

The roti canai is not particularly tastier than that of the other stalls.
The plain milk also doesn't really taste any different from the normal milk but the one with milo is indeed very different. It is however not a milo drink. Anyway, milk is believed to be good for health and promotes sleep. So, drop by this stall if you crave for fresh boiled milk. Till then, happy eating!! :)

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