Thursday, January 14, 2010

lunch @ Prangin Mall

If you work in town and want to get a quick lunch especially on the days which you have loads of work waiting for you to complete, you should try this place called "Saw Guan Keat", located in Prangin Mall. This shop is rather secluded as it is behind the main shop lots, so you really got to search properly for it. But, do not worry as Beary Informative provides you the address, just scroll to the bottom of this post.
"Saw Guan Keat" is a small business started by a married couple and soon became famous for its herbal chicken rice. So eager to try out what others have been talking about, my colleagues and i decided to have our lunch there yesterday.
And, so these were what we ordered:

sambal chicken rice-RM4.80

bbq sizzling chicken rice (very unique and taste delicious!)-RM4.80

sweet and spicy sizzling chicken rice-RM4.80

what you should try as a first-timer: herbal chicken with rice-RM4.80

jasmine green tea
vanilla latte

The drinks cost more than RM2 a cup but if you order any rice dishes, you just need to add RM1 for any of jasmine green tea, vanilla latte, blackcurrant or orange.
This place is rather small but they definitely serve nice and unique food at very reasonable prices. Do stop by if you happen to be at Prangin Mall.
Til then, happy eating!!

Where at?
33-2-19, 2nd floor, Prangin Mall


Duckie said...

there's also another shop beside it, right? i think the tomyam there is not bad.

BearyInformative said...

yes, it's a yellow shop famous for its tomyam and steamboat but i have yet to try them out.