Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sugar Dynasty @ Nagore Road

Ever had cravings for desserts? And, at the same time, want to have something to fill the stomach? Well, at Sugar Dynasty, you have all the varieties of Chinese-style desserts one can think of. Not only are they good in desserts, they also serve other dishes such as fried noodles, fried rice, fried mantou, etc. Below are what my colleagues and i ordered when we had lunch there a few days ago.

 every table is completed with the set of cutlery, tissue and menus-though the menus look like they need a new look ;)
for any order of main meal (please to menu when you're there), you're entitled to get a cup of home-made herbal tea each
  romaine lettuce with oyster sauce-RM3.50
fried bee hoon-RM4
fried chin choo-RM4
fried maggi mee-RM4
barley with ginkyo nuts-RM2.50
peanut paste-too diluted-RM2.80
double boiled papaya with almond (my all-time favorite)-RM2.70

My colleagues would agree with me that some of the desserts are nice while some are just so-so. In fact the fried maggi mee, chin choo and bee hoon were a little too pricey as they were common hawker food.
Still, i would suggest that this place is a must-go!

Where at?
29, Nagore Road, 10050 (closes every Monday)


FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

Been quite some time I did not step in this shop. lol Perhaps should go back for another try! Thanks for sharing!

BearyInformative said...

u r welcome!! ;)

Duckie said...

the desserts i ordered were so-so nia .. didn't quite like it lo