Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wang Chao, Gurney Drive

It it not easy to find a place with good service and good food. At Wang Chao, you get a personal waitress (dressed pretty sexily too). Although I would say prices of the food, the taste do match up to the prices you pay. Plus the good service, I do not see any reasons why I am not returning there to dine again. :)

fried brocolli and tofu RM12 (recommended)

century egg soup RM38 (recommended)

fried vegetables with brinjal RM15

dong bo rou RM22

steamed fish with spicy sauce RM39 (recommended)

claypot sea cucumber RM38 (a little too salty)

Besides this outlet, Wang Chao also has another outlet at Taman Pekaka.

Chinese New Year is just 2 days away. I hope you've all got what you've wanted; cookies, sweets, new clothes and prepare to collect angpaos~~
Gong Xi Fa Cai!!

Where at?
104, Gurney Drive

Tel no: 04-2260090

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