Saturday, January 28, 2012

Delicious @ Straits Quay, Penang

I recently brought my folks to try out the much talk-about restaurant names Delicious, located at Straits Quay. Delicious has a few other outlets in KL as well. They are actually famous for their desserts.

pretty nicely-set seatings

However, we went there for the main dishes and I was just trying out their service as usual before deciding if I want to visit again. Sadly to say, their service can only be summarized into 1 word i.e. "horrible". I could still remember walking into the place and having waited for 30 seconds before we decided to look on our own for a place to sit. Then, a sweet-looking waitress came to us and told us that we should have been instructed by them as to where to sit and not choose our own seats. But, hello!! We stood there for 30 seconds. 30 seconds is long enough to notice that your customers are waiting to be seated. But, they did nothing and the sweet-looking waitress even showed a sulky face when we told her that nobody attended to us, resulting in us selecting our own place to sit. She didn't even apologise on Delicious' behalf before turning around and walking away rudely.
As we sat rather near to the entrance, we could see how the other customers were turned away as well by the other waitresses. I wonder how did these people even pass their interview, earning themselves a place at such prestigious restaurant, which hosted the "afc's next celebrity chef".

I was really disappointed in the service given that day and am doubting if I should return.
However, so much said on the service, I must still commend on the food.
chicken and leek pie RM20.90 (recommended)

cappuccino RM9.90

pesto chicken RM39.90 (recommended)

Where at?
3C-G-3; 3A, Ground Floor Straits Quay

Tel no: 04-8998555

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