Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Sticks @ Queensbay Mall

The Sticks is located just right outside of Queensbay Mall. It is a premise all by itself and looks very interesting from the outside. After so many plannings with my friends, we finally get to give it a try. However, before you look at the pictures, i must warn you that the food there is horrible!! The menu has a strong stench which stays on your hands like forever!
a view from the road
 the interior which looks nice and deceiving indeed...
 this is a place for drinking too...but i took a quite snap at the menu and found that the alcoholic drinks are actually more expensive compared to other places
left: lemon ice & right: honey lemon
spicy waikiki sardine pasta (RM13.80)-sardine smell too strong
mango grilled hawaiian mahi fish (RM13.80)
meaty beefballs pasta (13.80)
All in all, my experience at Sticks was really an unpleasant one. I never want to go back there. 


szesze83 said...

"The menu has a strong stench which stays on your hands like forever!"


sibu food diva said...

lovely food! :) i guess it is a sin to read your blog late at night when food is scarce! :)