Friday, April 30, 2010

The Cape @ Gurney Plaza

Celebrated Duckie's birthday recently at the very uniquely decorated restaurant at Gurney Plaza. It is called The Cape, located on the 7th floor of Gurney Plaza, right outside of SENQ. Love the way they used swings as chairs (see picture). Even their food presentation is very unique and interesting!
  a sign showing their award winning chef
abalone lamian-RM11.90
 pineapple fried rice-RM11.90
 seafood bamboo rice-RM14.90 (my colleague said the "bowl" used to fill the rice looks like coffin) ;p
sesame fish bamboo rice-RM12.90
fried Chinese sausage emperor noodle-RM11.90
 tomato egg fried rice-RM6.90
 homemade sweet and sour fish fillet-RM10.90
 steam rice-RM1.50
 what is in the barrel???
black pepper pork ribs rice barrel-RM12.90
duck and chicken rice barrel-RM10.90
clockwise from top left: milk tea cold (RM3.50), white coffee cold (RM3.90), red tea cold (RM2.90), red date hot tea (RM3.50)
 a quill's egg and red date only for red date hot tea
almond tea with soya milk-RM4
 left: white coffee with ice cream-RM5.50
right: pennyroyal tea cold-RM4
I would personally say the presentations of the food in this place is indeed very interesting and special. Prices of the food could be a little pricey though for simples dishes like above. However, i have no complain for the food because so far all that we ordered are palatable. I will definitely go back there again one day...

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New Kid on the Blog said...

thanks for sharing... i didn't know there's one shop up there.