Monday, February 8, 2010

Pirates of the Cary Bean~~

A newly open cafe named Cary Bean Cafe has captured my attention a few times when i drive along Kelawei Road. Finally, my colleagues and i got a chance to try out the food there.
It is an open air cafe and the menu has quite a variety of food and drinks. Here were what we ordered:
mee maggie tomyam seafood-RM6.90
mee maggie kari-RM6.90
mee maggie Cary Bean-RM6.90
nasi goreng special-RM.6.90
teh tarik-RM2.50
apple juice-RM3
honey dew juice-RM3

The food overall taste average. The place could be rather humid and hot at times depending on the weather as it is open air. I suggest to go in the evening or at night if you are the kind of person of cannot tolerate heat. Besides that, there are ample parking lots.
Where at?
Along Kelawei Road, opposite the Kelawei road mosque

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New Kid on the Blog said...

RM6.90 for a tomyam?? think I'll go for the instant tomyam noodle. I've been wanting to try and check it out... well, thanks for sharing.