Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Isaribi Tei @ Burmah Square

I'm not a big fan of sashimi but i love Japanese food. I used to like raw salmon until i got food poisoning caused by eating some contaminated salmon at a rather famous Japanese restaurant. Since then,whenever i go to Japanese restaurant, i only take cooked food. Another nice Japanese restaurant i found recently serving nice food at a fair price. I went there for lunch with my ex-form 6 classmates a few days ago.
this place is filled with very romantic and soft lightings with a boost of latest chart-topper songs
sauteed beef with ginger-RM20
 grilled salmon belly (shio)-RM20
grilled salmon (teriyaki)-RM16
beef teppanyaki-RM30
 blue cheese ice cream -RM5
 green tea ice cream-RM5

All we ordered was set which comes with a bowl of rice and soup. Unfortunately, they should have added in some salad and fruit as well like the other Japanese restaurant. A friend of mine commented that they lacked vinegar on top of the rice given which lessen the Japanese feel. Still, i think the food is good and the ice cream is a must try although a little pricey.

Where at?
60-62, Chow Thye Road, Burmah Square


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