Friday, February 12, 2010

Bangkok Tomyam @ Bayan Lepas

A cousin of mine recently treated me to this very special Malay-Thai cuisine restaurant located at Bayan Lepas, near the Penang International Airport. This place serves Malay food with a special touch of Thai style.
 It is non-air conditioned but has fans to keep the place cool. However, I feel that the ventilation was not good enough as i went home smelling like i've been working in the kitchen for 12 hours.
 The price of the food is not very pricey as you can get a dish as low as RM2. They even serve in sets which comes with rice, dishes as well as a jug of fruit juice of your choice.
As there were 6 of us, we decided to order the set for 4-6 persons which costs RM66. There are 6 dishes in the set.
tomyam campur (mixed tomyam of chicken, prawns, squids)-a little spicier would make it taste better
 ayam goreng gajus (chicken fried with cashew nuts)-unique
 daging masak merah (beef)-i don't take beef but according to my cousin, it tasted good
 kailan ikan masin (kailan with salted fish)-a little too salty but otherwise, just nicely fried
ikan siakap steam limau (sweet and sour steamed fish)-no fishy smell, love it!!
 kerabu meepelam (mango kerabu) - nice!!
 and the set ends with a jug of carrot juice which is very pure and concentrated
 we decided to add another dish-telur dadar (fried egg with onions) which only costs us RM3 for the big plate and the taste is good
As this place is rather far from the town area, most people might not notice of its existence especially those working/ staying in the town area like me. :) It would be more convenient for thos who happen to go to places near the airport or work in Bayan Lepas area. 

Where at?
Bayan Lepas, turn left if you're coming from the airport


Since it's just a day to the Lunar New Year, i would like to take the opportunity to wish all my readers a Happy Chinese New Year!! Gong Xi Fa Cai!!! And HAPPY eating!!! ;)

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