Thursday, June 10, 2010

Spring Cafe

Were deciding on where to have lunch one day and my friend suggest Spring Cafe. They have a fusion of food, from Western to Oriental.


mushroom soup-RM5
mushroom chicken-RM11.50
sichuan fried rice-RM8.50
fish and sausage-RM14.50
orange juice-RM6

Although the ambience of the place is nice, the food is really expensive. Imagine, you pay RM6 for a glass of orange juice in a place not located in a shopping complex. I would seriously consider if i want to go back for the second visit.

Where at?
98-G-45 Prima Tanjung



dknypg83 said...

those pix still don't look like they were taken from an slr?!? :)

BearyInformative said...

pics were taken quite long time to update :D