Sunday, March 14, 2010

Nippon Yataimura Japanese Restaurant (miao~~)

Perhaps if you notice, my recent posts on food have been on Japanese. I don't know why but i've been having this crave for Japanese food recently. Today's post will be on the Japanese restaurant name, Yataimura.

 the sushi conveyor belt
Here are a series of food which i ordered during my recent visit there.
salmon roe (RM4)
kani (crab) (RM3)
smoked salmon rolls (RM4)
crab and mayonaisse (RM3)
chicken teriyaki (RM12)
my all-time favorite dish: mapo taufu (RM11)
saba steak rice mini (RM7.90)
another all-time favorite, gekikara ramen (RM16.90)
chocolate ice cream (RM6)
Of all the Japanese restaurant which i have been to, Yataimura is definitely 1 which i will never leave out in my "must-go" list. A plate of mapo taufu is good enough to eat with a bowl of rice for a simple lunch. Happy eating!!

Where at?
 403-A, GL floor, Jalan Burma


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