Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fung Lye @ The Gardens, KL

After my first post on my lunch in KL. Here was what i had for dinner. And, i certainly got to acknowledge my cousin brother, Davis and his wife, Jocelyn for bringing me to this wonderful restaurant to dine. Not only do they have good food, they also have perfect service!
Located in The Gardens, a complex frequented by lots of people, you definitely got to be prepared if you have to wait long before you get a table. Nevertheless. this Taiwanese restaurant "Fung Lye" has got comfy cusions located outside of their restaurants specially for patrons who are waiting for their seats. Not only that, the patrons are also served with specially brewed tea while waiting to be called to their table.

According to Davis and Jocelyn, this restaurant is famous of their sweet potato balls too which costs only RM4.90. Unfortunately, we were all very full from our previous meal and so we did not order. Also, the set which we ordered were very big in portion.

taiwan minced-meat sauce noodle-RM17.80

fried sliced beef with green onion in claypot set meal-RM19.80

 three varieties of supreme diced chicken-RM19.80
All the set meals come with a bowl of rice and 3 other side dishes (change daily) and a bowl of soup. And i love the ones we got the other day.

fried lotus root (a little spicy and crispy-nice); fish cake (not so bad); a kind meat (duck probably-too cold)

  love the way the soup is served-in this authentic china porcelain bowl

 fried vegetable

cold oolong passion-RM7.30

papaya milk juice-RM7.30

apple yogurt juice-RM7.30

"Fung Lye" is definitely a must-try especially for those Chinese-food keens.


Where at?
Lot T208 3rd floor
The Gardens Mid Valley City


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