Sunday, December 6, 2009

1st invited review to Hardwicke House

First of all, i want to thank Duckie for taking me along to the invited review for bloggers at Hardwicke House for dinner. This shall then mark my first invited review to a dining place. And, indeed it was a marvelous experience to be remembered and shared!
Being the only freshie in the review, i was rather intimidated as the rest of the bloggers had their DSLR cameras in their hands and capturing pictures and taking down notes so professionally while i am only accompanied by my tiny whiny little digital camera. Nevertheless, i still managed to do my best and i shall now proudly present you all with my first invited review report! Happy reading!! ;)

There were a total of 16 seats reserved for the bloggers. The table they had reserve for us for in a corner free from the disturbance of others. It was well decorated with the necessary cutlery and glasses for wine tasting purposes.

Unlike my first blog on Hardwicke House on lunch, their dinner promotion was little different as it includes BBQ as well.
So, here's the list of food that we savoured on that night...(drum's roll please...)

an array of desserts

clockwise from top left: baked cured salmon with cheese, lamb rogan josh, chicken curry, roast beef

clockwise from top left: chicken lobak, spaghetti bolognoise(beef), fried rice and fried noodle, fried cabbage, sambal brinjal and dalca

top: salad and its sauces
bottom left: tandoori chicken and naan
bottom right: asparagus soup (creamy but not so much of asparagus taste)

 all about bbq; from chicken to sausages to prawns to lamb...

Basically the food were delicious as ever. I love the desserts more than ever!

Besides the tasty meals, we also get to do coffee-sampling and wine-tasting as well. It was like attending a short and precise class on coffee wine...very interesting definitely as i have more knowledge on them now!

Cappuccino @ RM 5.50; Cafe Latte @ RM 6.50; Espresso @ RM 3.80; Regular Black @ RM 3.80

left: Verduzzo (RM 55 per bottle); works great with appetizers as it has a sweet end to taste bud
middle: Schubert Hardwicke Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2002; very strong red wine, works well with all kinds of food..also notices the "Hardwicke Reserve" stamp on the label which indicates the priority given to Hardwicke 
right: Terranoble Sauvignon Blanc 2005 (RM 63 per bottle); another white wine to blend in with the main meals, but i personally prefer the Verduzzo
*all pictures of wine courtesy of Jason*

Hoped you enjoy reading the review! Til then...happy eating!! ;)


Duckie said...

i like the photos thingy ... can i have the programme.

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

wow... finally I get to know your blog as I could not remember your blog name. Sorry about that. It was a nice review. Nice to meet you and hope to see you more oftern next time. ^-^

BearyInformative said...

food paradise: yup, you will definitely see me more often! and thanks for the compliment! ;)