Monday, November 2, 2015

Yam and Economy Rice @ Lebuh Katz

It's time for the lunch. I do like to recommend a place at Lebuh Katz which is selling yam economy rice with variety choice of soup. This coffee shop is corner unit you can easily notice. During lunch time, the place always full of people. 

The Signature Chillies Paste 
The chili is not very spicy and is highly recommended. 

The Sambal Fried Fish 
Sambal is one of the paste that made by chili. It's can be spicy or not that spicy. But usually for this Sambal Fried Fish, it's not spicy. Is something similar like nyonya sambal. 

You may order either Yam rice or white rice.
The Yam rice is highly recommend too. Is a must to try if you visit this coffee shop.

They selling many type of vegetables too. 

Well, for a simple lunch, i will go for that. How about you? Besides, the price of the food is not expensive.

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