Friday, August 17, 2012

The Sire Museum Restaurant

Another well-known themed restaurant, The Sire Museum Restaurant, catering an array of Western dishes in an atmosphere so serene, you would just go for a drink or dessert. This place reminds me of The China House with almost similar decoratives and ambience but more choices on its menu.

its menu properly wrapped in leather skin

mixed fruit juices at RM9.80 per glass

seafood linguine RM22.80 (sauce is superb but the smell of Basil leaves is a little too strong especially for those who are not keen in herbs)

carbonara spaghetti RM22.80 (very well-blended with the choices of seafood)

lemon-grass grilled chicken RM32.80 (one of the best grilled chicken i have ever had!)

Even though prices are a little on the high side, I will definitely go back for another round of meal as they are really good and worth!

Where at?
4, King Street, Georgetown, 10200 Penang.

Tel no: 04-2645088 (Opens Tuesday - Sunday)


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HelenCC said...

The food look so tempting!!
I like the carbonara one ^^