Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sushi Zento @ Precint 10, Penang

Precint 10; another new place to hang out in Penang has recently opened. This place adapts a concept pretty closely to that of Autocity in Juru, except that it is smaller.
We took the opportunity to dine at a rather pack restaurant.


unagi roll in egg skin RM3.80

unagi sushi RM5.80


crab coleslaw sushi RM1.80


unagi temaki RM9

left: salmon garlic fried rice RM10 (recommended); middle: plain garlic fried rice RM5 (too garlic-ly taste); right: preserved vege garlic fried rice RM7 (recommended)

assorted vegetable tempura RM12

fried spinach RM6 (this dish came unexpectedly cold and i have never like cold vegetables)

age dashi tofu RM8 (texture of tofu is not that smooth)

I have yet to try the ramen but i would definitely make a second visit to do so as I saw many other diners ordered ramen. Service is very good with all the servers smiling and being very polite. Ocha is refillable and is charged at RM1 per glass.
Parking is charged at RM1 for the first 2 hours and RM1 for subsequent hours.

Where at?
Lot 10-A-11 & 12, Precint 10, Jalan Tanjung Tokong

Tel no: 04-8992725

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