Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tsurukame Shabu Shabu @ Queensbay Mall

It was my first time to enter a Japanese which offers buffet steamboat. This is a newly opened restaurant on the third floor, in front of "Queens Food Market" food court of Queensbay mall. Very uniquely decorated which a selection to sit outside or inside of the restaurant.
entrance look from the second floor
main entrance
their menu
inari sushi-RM8
potato salad-RM7
agedashi tofu-RM6
nabe kimuchi-RM20
chi jimi-RM12

I would say the food is comparatively reasonable with that of other Japanese's. However, i don't quite find them delicious. And thus, i don't think i am going back again. Besides, the dishes for steamboat are put on the conveyor belt and they don't look as fresh.

Where at?
3F Queensbay Mall

Tel no: 04-6435260

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